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Welcome To Our Home Page! 

We're here to provide answers to your pest problems.  You will find both information and products to help you solve some common pest problems.   Our primary business is the sale of pest control supplies.   We present this information based on personal experience as well as feedback from our wide range of customers.

To learn more about us, click here to visit our company information page

If you've visited our site before or already know what you wish to buy,  you can use this convenient link to our online store. You'll find a brief description of the products at our store, but our products page provides more detailed information about each of them.

If you want information on a specific pest problem, just click on a topic below to learn about the pest and ideas and products that are available to deal with it:

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bullet Yellow Jackets & Other Stinging Insects

Thank you for all of your feedback.   We welcome your comments. One of our objectives is educational. However, we offer a selection of products and we welcome the opportunity to assist you personally.  We will continue to improve and expand the site to make it as user friendly as possible.   Click here to learn more about us.  

Photos not otherwise credited have been scanned from: "Truman's Scientific Guide to Pest Control Operations", Fourth Edition.  Photos: Courtesy of Univar USA, Inc.

Have a question or comment?   Please write to us at: drbugclinic@ or call us toll free at 800-433-1128If you do not receive a reply to an E-Mail, please let us know by resubmitting your letter.  We get a huge amount of unsolicited mail and we may accidentally overlook your inquiry.




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