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     We are pleased to offer products to the general public.  However, many of you have concerns about using pesticides.  To help understand the use of pesticides, please take a look at a web page that we wrote to give some insight into pesticides and their use around homes.  Feel free to read Pesticides and Safety by clicking here.

     We have a wide range of products to help you with a number of pest problems.  Below you'll find information about them.  If you already know what you're looking for, click here to order at our online store.  Please call or write to us if you need more information.  If you'd like to see our shipping policy, click here.

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The Bug Clinic joined the Better Business Bureau in 2007. We are pleased to report that we have no complaints against us at this time and we work hard to keep all of our existing and new customers happy. 

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We also have a feedback page that you may view to see what previous customers have written to us.


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Insect Control Products   

Acecap Tree Implant** - These tree implants are applied in a spiral near the base of tree by drilling holes into the tree and then tapping them in just below the cambium (bark) layer .  Acephate (Orthene) is the active ingredient in this product.  There is a multitude of plants and diseases that may be treated using these, but the big advantage is that large trees may be treated without the need for expensive spray applications.  There are two sizes available: 3/8" and 1/4" (Mini).  There are four package sizes: Ten Pack - $17.95, Pro-Pak 100 (4x25) - $159.00, Pro-Pak 300 (4x75) - $404.00 and Mini Implant (10 pak) - $12.00. 

**In response to a request made by a representative of the Canadian Government on 4/29/2005, we will not ship this product to Canada. 

Advance Carpenter Ant Granular Bait - This ant bait contain abamectin, a low toxic, Vitamin B derivative.   Advance Carpenter Ant Granular Bait contains an irresistible food product which attracts Carpenter Ants as well as other ant species.  It may be applied around the foundation or it may be used inside by applying it into cracks and crevices.  An 8 oz jar of the product with a shaker top is available for $33.95.   We also have a 2 lb value sized jug (equal to four of the 8 oz jars) which sells for $109.95 for a savings of $25.85.

AllPro Bug Killer Spray - Discontinued by the manufacturer - Substitute Permacide P-1

Alpine Dust Insecticide - A reduced risk product containing 0.25% dinotefuron that is blended into 95% diatomaceous earth.   Diatomaceous earth is a naturally derived dust that helps to control insects through its abrasive action.  Scratching through the cuticle kill insects because they cannot retain the moisture that they need to live.  Alpine Dust is sold in an 8 oz applicator bottle for $36.95 or in a pail in the 3 lb value size for $94.95.

Apicide - A 5% carbaryl (Sevin) dust used for control of bees and wasps.  The product comes in a flexible canister which includes an attachable 8" extension tube that is used to apply the dust into openings in the ground or in wall voids from which the stinging insect may emerge. Evening applications are best. Each 10 oz bottle sells for $13.95.  If you require larger amounts, we offer the case of 12 containers for $138.00

Bedlam - An aerosol pyrethroid insecticide used for controlling bedbugs and other pests including carpet beetles.   Bedlam is one of the few products that can kill bed bug eggs.   Bedlam foams up on surfaces which helps it to penetrate into cracks and crevices.  It may be used on mattresses and box springs as well as other areas.   Each 17 oz can sells for $18.00.   A case of six cans is available for $96.00.

Bedlam Plus - The newer advanced formula containing two types of residual insecticides, a pyrethroid and a neonicotinoid.   Research suggests this combination of products is very effective against resistant strains of bed bugs.  Labeling permits the use on mattresses and box springs too.  Each 17 oz can sells for $24.00.   A case of 12 cans sells for $258.00, a savings of $30.00 over the cost of 12 individual cans.

Borid Turbo - Discontinued by the manufacturer - No Substitute     

Cluster Buster - A  non-odorous, non-toxic trap for Cluster Flies.  The trap measures 10 inches across, 3 inches high and  2 inches in depth.   Two adhesive strips on the back of each unit permit attachment to the inside surface of any window.  Inside the matte white plastic trap is very finely ground egg shell.  A large slit across the top of the trap near the top permits flies to enter.  Flies are attracted into the trap because they think that the opening on the top is an exit for them.  As they enter the trap, flies encounter super fine powdered egg shell, then sink into it as if it were quicksand.  The trap should hold 1000 or more flies.  Purchase 1 to 9 traps for $19.95 each or save $20.00 and purchase a case of 10 for $179.50.

Drione Dust - An insecticidal dust which contains both pyrethrins, an organic insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers which has a powerful "flushing" effect that repels insects from areas where it is placed and silica gel, a desiccant, which scratches the waxy cuticle of the insect causing it to die by "drying out". It is effective for controlling insects such as ants, cockroaches, silverfish and bedbugs. The product comes in a 1 lb applicator bottle (squeezable) and sells for $59.95 each.

EverGreen Dust - A 1% pyrethrins insecticide dust derived from chrysanthemum flowers.  Each 10 oz applicator (squeezable) bottle may be used for a wide variety of insect pests including cockroaches, bedbugs, ants and many others.  A 10 ounce bottle of EverGreen Dust sells for $27.95.  A case of six bottles sells for $144.00.

Gentrol IGR Concentrate - An insect growth regulator (IGR) which acts as birth control for cockroaches and bedbugs, but will it will also prevent the larval stage of other pests including Indian Meal Moth, Saw Toothed/Merchant Beetles and Carpet Beetles from becoming adults.  New insects added to the label include fruit flies, drain flies and bedbugs.  The product is sold in a 1 oz bottle.  It may be combined with a residual insecticide such as the Permacide P-1 (see below) or used alone. The bottle makes one gallon, but it may also be diluted proportionally to create smaller amounts.  It may be applied into cracks or as a surface application.  The residue from surface applications migrates throughout the treated areas and remains effective for up to four months.  The unit price is $11.95 per bottle.

Lady Bug Buster - A non toxic plastic trap containing a lure to attract lady bugs (lady beetles) into it.  Two small openings near the top of the trap permit beetles to enter.  Once inside, the beetles make contact with the very fine powdered egg shell which blocks their ability to breathe.  Each trap is approximately 10" wide, 3" tall and 2" deep and is installed directly on the inside window glass and is held in place by two adhesive strips attached to the trap.  Each trap will hold over 1000 beetles.  The traps are sold individually in quantities from 1 to 9 for $19.95 each or you can save $20.00 if you purchase a carton of 10.

Maxforce FC Ant Gel - A gel bait in a 27 gm syringe for applying in areas of ant activity.  This product is effective for many ant species with the exception of Carpenter Ants.  The active ingredient is minimally toxic with .001% fipronil.  We supply an application tip and a plunger for applying the gel.  The product ships with a reusable closure tip. This commercial product is sold in a package of four tubes.  The box of 4 tubes sells for $41.95.

Maxforce FC Ant Stations - A specially designed bait for a variety of ant species such as Pharaoh Ants, Argentine Ants, Cornfield Ants, Odorous House Ants, Acrobat Ants and Thief Ants.   (Note: Carpenter Ants temporarily off of the product label).  There are 24 bait stations (everyone calls them traps, but they are actually feeding stations).  The units are small, square bottomed, round top units with self adhesive strip on the bottom for mounting on surfaces and come in a re-sealable bag.  This is an ample supply for most infestations. Each bag costs $35.95.

Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel Triples - This is one of the best product for eliminating cockroaches.  The active ingredient is fipronil at .01%.  Supplied in a syringe-like applicator tube, 3 per box, this product, when applied to roach feeding areas, supplies a slow acting insecticide which helps deliver the active ingredient to others insects.  This product yields effective control beginning in 1 to 2 days.  Cockroach elimination often occurs within one to two weeks. There is virtually no odor and it is not necessary to remove items from cabinets in order to apply this product.  Cost for the triple pack - 3x60gm (6.3oz total) is $51.95.

Maxforce Carpenter Ant Gel - Like its cousin, Maxforce FC Ant Gel, the active ingredient is also at .001% fipronil.  Thus, toxicity from this product is very low.  This product is for Carpenter Ants but is labeled to use for other common ant species as well.   It was designed to mimic the "honeydew" that these ants seek from aphids.  This product is temperature sensitive: it should be stored below 100 degrees F.  As with the other syringe products, we supply a tip and a plunger for applying the product.  The product ships with a reusable closure tip.  Each 27gm tube is individually boxed and sells for $35.95 each.

Maxforce Complete - A granular insecticide which may be used to control many different ant species as well as cockroaches, crickets and silverfish.   Multiple grit sizes in the jar help to improve acceptance and this product is weather resistant.  The product is sold in an 8 ounce shaker jar for $23.95 as well as a 4 pound jug (call for pricing). 

Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations - The same active ingredient, fipronil, is used inside of a round bait station (some people call these "traps") as is found in the Maxforce FC Roach Gel.  Instead of gel, a stable, semi-moist food attracts cockroach.  This method of applying a roach control product is the least hazardous of any other method and can be used where children or pets are present.  As with any other product, placement in inaccessible areas works best and is usually where roaches are hiding.  Each station has pressure sensitive adhesive strip attached to the back so that it may be mounted firmly on a vertical or horizontal surface.  A bag of 72 bait stations sells for $66.95.

Medicap MD Tree Implants - A tree implant containing a 12-4-4 fertilizer along with Iron, Manganese and Zinc, elements which are important for plant growth and development.  These implants are applied by drilling holes in a spiral around the tree and tapping them in below the cambium (bark) layer. Once installed, the implants can feed the tree for up to two growing seasons.  This product is available in two sizes, 3/8" or 1/4" (Mini).  There are three Medicap MD products available: 10 pak - $12.95, Pro-Pak 100 (4x25) - $135.00 and 10 Pak Mini - $12.00.

Mosquito Control - A granular biological mosquito larvicide that is applied along the edge of ponds for the control of mosquitoes, midges and blackflies.  This product is not for sale in New York State.  Applications are made at 7 to 14 day intervals at peak breeding times at the rate of 2.5 to 10 lbs per acre or up to 10 to 20 lbs per acre in ponds with high nutrient content.  Mosquito Control is available in 2 lb and 10 lb sizes.  A  2 lb shaker container costs $18.99 and a 10 lb bag sells for $82.99.

Mosquito Dunks - A circular donut shaped mosquito larvicide that floats on standing water in a variety of situations. It may be applied to ponds, streams, on top of swimming pool covers, in bird baths, etc.  One unit treats 100 square feet of water, regardless of depth.  The product is virtually non-toxic and contains BTI, a bacterial based insecticide.  The product is packaged six units on a card.  Each unit may be broken down into 4 smaller pieces for treating smaller amounts of standing water.  Price for the card of six is $14.95.

Natural Catch Plus - A small plastic triangular shaped traps for fruit flies and vinegar flies.  Each trap contains non toxic vinegar as an attractant.  Simply pierce the plastic top to set it into action.  Very effective.  Each trap is $6.95. Save by purchasing a case of 12 for $64.80.

Ni-Ban FG Fine Granular Ant Bait - A food based insecticide bait for cockroaches, ants, silverfish and crickets.  Ni-Ban FG is virtually odorless (the only odor is from the food used as an attractant).  It is ideal for sensitive situations where people or pets may be affected by other types of products.  The product is sold in a one pound squeeze bottle for accurate applications.   You can purchase the one pound applicator bottle for $16.95.

Nilozyme - Discontinued - See Vector Bio 5 below.

No Fly Zone - A trap designed to help control fruit flies is commercial settings.   The device utilizes a small blue light installed over a low noise fan along with an attractant Nectar Pad to capture flies that enter the trap.   Flies are attracted to the light and are then "vacuumed" into the trap and force onto the sticky pad below.    The trap is 9" x 9" x 9" and is available with either a matte black or chrome finish.   The No Fly Zone trap is available in black matte or chrome finish for $299.95 including 15 Nectar Pads.   A replacement package of 15 Nectar Pads sell for $60.00.     

Outlast NBS-30 - A liquid concentrate that repels several insect pests around the home including carpenter bees, carpenter ants, cockroaches, ladybugs and wasps.  This organic product, if applied into paint or stain, remains active for two years or longer.   It may also be applied with water but the repellent activity lasts only about a week.  Add 3.2 ounces to a gallon of paint, stain or water.  The 16 oz bottle contains enough for 5 finished gallons.   Each bottle sells for $42.00.

Permacide P-1 - A water-based insecticide containing permethrin, a low toxic, residual insecticide.   It is labeled for a broad range of insects including fleas, bed bugs, ants, carpet beetles, clothes moths and lice. It may be used for purposes inside and outside of the home (label booklet on the back).  Each one gallon jug come with a trigger sprayer and hose that allows spraying at any angle in close quarters and costs $24.95.  Purchase a case of 4 for $89.80 and save $10.00.

Petcor Flea Spray - A pump bottle spray for use on pets to kill fleas, ticks and lice.  Active ingredients in Petcor include pyrethrins, an organically derived insecticide and methoprene, an insect growth regulator for fleas which helps prevent immature fleas from becoming adults.  The 16 oz bottle of this product sells for $16.95.

Pheromone Insect Monitoring Traps - We have two different pheromone-based monitoring traps available, one for the Indian Meal Moth, the other for Clothes Moths.  Each unit consists of a diamond-shaped glue trap, a pheromone and a hanger to suspend the trap from a cabinet door knob, ceiling or wall.  Either the Indian Meal Moth trap or the Clothes Moth trap sell for $12.00 each.  Quantity discounts are available.

Precor IGR Concentrate - This insect growth regulator (IGR) product may be used alone or in conjunction with a residual insecticide such as Permacide P-1 (see above).  It prevents immature fleas from developing into biting adults for up to seven months.  It has no effect on adult fleas that are already present, thus the need to use an adulticide along with it.   We offer a one ounce bottle of this insecticide concentrate (makes one gallon) for $8.95.

Pro Control Plus Total Release Aerosol  - Each can of Pro Control Plus contains 0.1% cyfluthrin (Tempo) and 0.5% pyrethrins.  May be used for control of ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, small flying moths, silverfish or spiders as well as others.   Each 6 oz. can treats 5,000 cubic foot (25'x25'x8') of unobstructed area (product will not flow well through doorways).  Each six ounce fogger costs $12.00.  We offer a case discount (12/case) for $120.00 - a savings of $24.00 ($2.00 per can) vs. the cost of 12 individual cans.

Rockland Indoor/Outdoor Spray - Replaced by Permacide P-1

Vector Bio 5 - A non-caustic liquid drain cleaner containing bacterial enzymes which digest grease and decaying organic matter that provide breeding areas for fruit flies and drain flies.   The recommended treatment is 4 oz per drain or trap.   The product may also be used in mop water to help remove organic matter from floors and around commercial equipment.  Each 1 quart bottle sell for $22.95.   A case of 12 bottles is $228.00.

Victor Flying Insect Trap - A plastic bottle trap which allows flying insects in but prevents them from finding their way out.  May be used for yellowjackets, house flies or fruit fly species.  Bottle is labeled with recommended attractant liquids - $5.95 each.

The Ultimate Flea Trap (Victor) - This round plastic unit is about 6 inches in diameter and contains a small light bulb mounted above a sticky trap.  The light and warmth attracts fleas into the trap. The traps cost $18.95 each.  Refill Sticky Traps (3) are $5.95.

Web Out - A liquid containing a combination of EPA exempt oils and food products designed to kill and repel spiders.   Also helps dissolve cobwebs.  Not an EPA registered product.  You can purchase this product in a convenient quart spray bottle for $20.95 or save by purchasing the economical 1 gallon container for $59.95 and apply it using your own sprayer.

Whitmire Perma-Dust - Discontinued by the manufacturer -  No remaining stock - Unavailable with no substitute.

Whitmire PI Aerosol - This Pyrethrins Insecticide contains an insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers which has no residual activity (becomes inactive after a few hours) but has a strong flushing action and "knockdown" of insects.  The product contains some strong solvents so use with caution around plastics components since it may affect them.  Uses include bed bugs, moths, flying insects, cockroaches, ants and many others.  We supply a crack and crevice tube - a misting nozzle is attached.  Each 18 oz can sells for $36.95.

Whitmire Wasp Freeze - An aerosol insecticide with a large discharge opening for treating exposed nests from ten feet away.  The can empties in about 45 seconds of continuous use.  Note that this product contains petroleum distillates which can burn plant leaves and may damage vinyl siding.  Each can contains 17.5 ounces and sells for $12.95.       


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Animal Control Products

Air Sponge - A solid, activated charcoal based deodorizer that excels at absorbing organic odor such as those from dead animal, mold, mildew, tobacco smoke, skunk discharge, etc.  The product is sold in an 8 oz tub with a reusable lid.  Left open, the product lasts for up to 30 days or you can use the lid to cover it for future use.   Each 8 oz tub will treat an area of up to 300 square feet and is sold for $9.95.

Critter Ridder - An animal repellent container a variety of pepper derivatives that repels animals including skunks, woodchucks (groundhogs), dogs, cats, squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons.    Each 2 lb shaker contain covers up to 120 square foot.   This organic product is OMRI listed (Organic Materials Research Institute) and it may be used in areas where organic food is produced.   The fine granules can be applied in gardens or other areas in the yard and will remain active for up to 30 days. 

Deer Off- An organic deer repellent containing putrefied egg whites, garlic and hot sauce. It's available in a ready-to-use 32 oz spray bottle which costs $19.95.  Product remains active for up to three months.  Not for use on edible plants.

Evac Rodent Repellent - A natural based repellent containing balsam fir oil in a 2.5 oz pouch.   Each pouch protects an 8 square foot area for up to 30 days.    Evac may be purchase in a 2 pack, in a pail of 24 or a pail of 100.   The package of 2 sells for $17.95, the pail of 24 sells for $160.00 and the pail of 100 sells for $600.00.

4 The Birds II - A tacky gel product that is applied using a standard caulking gun to ledges, sign tops, balconies or other areas where birds are roosting.  Birds don't like the feel of the product on their feet.  Each 10 oz.  cartridge costs $11.95 and provides 10 linear foot of product 3/8" wide.

The Giant Destroyer - "Smoke Bomb" - A proven product for control of ground inhabiting animal including rats, ground squirrels, gophers, woodchucks (groundhogs) and moles.  Each package contains 4 units with fuses.  Illustrated instructions are printed on the reverse side.   A package of four sells for $9.95.

Guard 'N Eyes - Scarecrow Balloon An inflatable vinyl balloon which may be attached at the roof line in any area where woodpeckers or other birds are a problem.  It really works! - $12.95 each

Havahart Traps - a safe and effect way to capture animals without harming them.  We have sizes for mice, rats, chipmunks, woodchucks, shrews, raccoons, tree squirrels, flying squirrels, feral cats, etc.  Prices start at $16.95 for the #1020 Havahart Trap used for mice and shrews. The #1079 Professional Cage Trap used for trapping woodchucks and raccoons costs $64.95 each.  See the full list for other traps.

Nix-A-Lite - If you've ever looked for a permanent way to stop birds from landing in an area, this is the product.    Nix-A-Lite is rows of stainless steel needles on a rack which may be applied and shaped to a variety of surfaces.  It's sold in either one, two foot or four foot strips and attaching hardware is provided with your order.  $9.95 per foot.  Sold in 1, 2 or 4 foot lengths.  Note: Minimum order is 12 feet.  Quantity discounts for orders of 100 feet of the same length (1, 2 or 4 foot) strip.


Odormute - An inexpensive, organic product that is effective at eliminating skunk odor and other organic odors.  It is a water soluble enzyme in a concentrated powder for use on pets, indoors on floors including carpets and outdoors on lawns. A 3 oz box sells for $5.50 each. 

Ro-Pel - Discontinued by Manufacturer - NO STOCK

Stuf-fit - Help keeps rats and mice out of your home or business.  The four inch wide copper mesh product comes on a 20 foot or 100 foot roll.  The mesh may be forced into openings using a screwdriver or similar tool.  Copper is resistant to rust and will easily mold to the fill gaps in a wall, floor or ceiling.  Stuf-it costs $19.95 for a 20 ft length or $59.95 for a 100 ft roll.

Tap-A-Drop - A concentrated deodorant used to counteract the odor from dead animals and to neutralize other harsh organic odors.   May be applied on a cotton ball placed inside of a paper cup for convenient, long last results.   Make additional placements and refresh as needed.  Each 1/2 oz bottle of Tap-A-Drop sells for $8.95.

T-1 Mouse & Rat Stations - Each child and pet resistant non-refillable station is made of heavy duty plastic containing an appropriate size rodenticide block to kill mice or rats.   The active ingredient is bromethalin.   Unlike anticoagulant baits, bromethalin offer a low risk of secondary poisoning. Rodents that consume the bait stop eating the bait after a single feeding reducing waste.    When the bait is fully consumed, the station should be replaced.   Each T-1 Mouse Stations contains a 28 gm block that can kill up to 12 mice and sells in a package of 4 for $13.95.   Cases of 12 x 4 sell for $150.00.   Each T-1 Rat Station contains a 4 oz block that can kill two to three rats and sells for $13.95.   Cases of 8 may be purchased for $100.00.


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Dr T's Nature Products - (Repellents)

Bat-A-Way  - Discontinued by the Manufacturer - No Stock

Cobweb Eliminator - Discontinued by the Manufacturer - No Stock - See Web Out Above

Mole Out Mole Repellent - This granular product contains castor oil and can be used for control of both moles and voles.  The castor oil taints the mole's food source: grubs  and earthworms.  They associate feeling sick with the food source and then leave.   The five pound bag may be scattered directly from the container or using a granular spreader. Each 5 lb bag treats 1,250 sq. ft.  The product must be thoroughly watered in to be effective. You can purchase a resealable 5 lb bag for $18.95.  If you have a larger area to treat, you can save money by purchasing the value size 25 lb pail for $64.95 which covers 6,250 sq. ft.

Mosquito Repelling Granules (formerly Mosquito & Gnat Scat) - A non-poisonous mosquito and gnat repellent.  The active ingredients include oil of lemongrass, mint oil and garlic oil.  This granular product is applied to lawn areas using a spreader and will provide two to three weeks of relief from these insects.  An excellent product to apply before outdoor events such as weddings, parties, etc.  The recommended dosage is 5 lbs for every 3,000 to 4,000 square foot.  Apply to areas that you plan to be active in plus a ten foot to twenty foot buffer.  This product is available in convenient 5 lb jugs for $16.95 or in value sized 25 lb pails for $71.95. 

Rat-A-Way - Discontinued by the Manufacturer - No Stock

Rid-A-Critter - Discontinued by the Manufacturer - No Stock

Snake-A-Way - A snake repellent product labeled for outdoor use only.   Apply a 5 inch band of this product as a barrier to most common snake species.  It will last for about two months at a time.   You can purchase it in 1.75 lb jars, for $12.95 or in a  4 lb bag, for $21.95.  For greater savings, we also offer a 28 lb pail (5gal) for $119.95.

Snake Guard Snake Trap - Discontinued by the Manufacturer - No Stock

Whole Control -  If you have a mole problem and are looking for an organic solution, try this.  The active ingredient is this liquid product is Castor Oil.  It's available in a applicator bottle which attaches to a garden hose.  Applied as directed, the product will repel moles for five weeks or more.  Each quart container will treat 5,000 square feet.  We are selling Whole Control for $19.95 for the quart applicator bottle.  We  also offering a one gallon size which can treat up to 20,000 sq ft for $49.95 per jug.  The gallon size requires the use of a garden hose end sprayer for proper application. 


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Healthy Ponds Products

5 In One Test Kit - A small dispenser with strips to test for pH, alkalinity, nitrate and nitrite content.  Each kit sells for $15.95 and includes a color scale showing various levels.

AquaSphere - A submersible system for treating ponds to remove excess nutrients and help reduce odor.  There are two sizes: 250,000 gallon and 500,000 gallon.   The AquaSphere 250,000 gallon units sell for $49.95 each.  The AquaSphere 500,000 gallon units sell for $74.95.  Each unit treats pond water for thirty days.  May be used for six month, nine month or twelve month programs.

Healthy Ponds Mosquito Control - A granular biological mosquito larvicide that is applied along the edge of ponds for the control of mosquitoes, midges and blackflies.  This product is not for sale in New York State.  Applications are made at 7 to 14 day intervals at peak breeding times at the rate of 2.5 to 10 lbs per acre or up to 10 to 20 lbs per acre in ponds with high nutrient content.  Mosquito Control is available in 2 lb, 10 lb and 40 lb sizes.  The 2 lb shaker container costs $18.95. The 10 lb bag sells for $82.95.

pH Adjuster - This will raise the pH for acidic water conditions to correct the ph imbalance in a pond.  A 7.5 lb container of ph UP that treats 75,000 gallons of pond water costs $25.95.  

Submersible Dispenser - A compact, submersible system for treating ponds to remove excess nutrients and reduce odor.  Each unit treats pond water up to 2500 gallons for thirty days.  May be used for six month, nine month or twelve month programs. The cost of a unit is $23.95.  A 60 Day refill is available for $19.95 (contains two 30 day refills).

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You may order on line by clicking here.  Your order is processed at our secure web site which is certified by GeoTrust.  If you prefer, you may order by calling us toll free at 800-433-1128 or 845-356-2837 between 8 am and 4 pm ET, Monday through Friday. 

This is a representative sampling of our most popular products.  If you have any questions about these or other products, please call us at 800-433-1128 or 845-356-2837. 

Privacy Note: We respect your privacy. We do not sell or provide customer information to anyone outside of our organization. We do not solicit new business by sending E-Mail or using any other advertising.  We appreciate all business that comes to us. We believe that you'll find us again when you need us.                                                     




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